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February 12, 2019



Fascial Manipulation© is a manual therapy method developed by Luigi Stecco, an Italian physiotherapist from Italy. This method has evolved over the last 40 years through study and practice in the treatment of a vast caseload of musculoskeletal problems. It focuses on the fascia, in particular, the deep muscular fascia.  Dr Carla Stecco and Dr Antonio Stecco have carried out extensive research into the anatomy and histology of the fascia via dissection of unembalmed cadavers. This method presents a complete biomechanical model that assists in deciphering the role of fascia in musculoskeletal disorders.






FM-I: Level I Fascial Manipulation


Participants will learn to evaluate musculoskeletal dysfunctions with specific reference to the human fascial system and to apply the Fascial Manipulation method as taught by Luigi Stecco, PT. Lectures include the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, an explanation of the biomechanical model used in the application of this technique, and the anatomical localization of vital fascial points. Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions (from history taking, to a hypothesis, verification and treatment) together with a methodology and strategy for treatment.

The primary objective is to develop an understanding of the centers of coordination (CC) that are responsible for the normal function of related monoarticular and biarticular muscles.

​This course is intended for physiotherapist, osteopaths, chiropractors, medical doctors and other licensed medical practitioners with a good working knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology and notions of postural anatomy. 








The basic Fascial Manipulation® training program consists of hands-on courses of 6 days that combine theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and practical between participants throughout the day.



By the end of the course, clinicians will:

  • Learn the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system.

  • Learn how to evaluate myofascial planes: upper and lower extremities, spine.

  • Determine functional testing of areas of complaint.

  • Develop skill and understanding to assess abnormal functional findings with fascial points of involvement to restore normal function







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