Quality education with fun-filled environment is always being our motto.

February 16, 2019

We are glad the students learned and enjoyed the class. Quality education with fun-filled environment is always being our motto.


"I have been to both FM level 1 and 2 class conducted by Mr. Antonio Stecco and Mr. Edward Traum respectively here in HK. Both of them had indeed demonstrated profound in-depth knowledge of facial tissue pathology and associated disorders, of which could not be explained or tackled with conventional Physio manual therapy/modalities. Some might say this technique is unorthodox but I’m sure this  statement will proved itself invalid sooner or later, as the major trend of physio movement is laid on soft tissue with back up of growing evidence ans research. I personally have had huge gain in managing my patients in particular with those having chronic and unrelenting pain. I earnestly urge the physio, whether experienced or fresh out of the uni, to take part in this great force of new movement. And I would also take my chance to show my gratitude towards sptphysio for bringing FM to Hong Kong. The coordinator had demonstrated great organization and management in provision of a friendly and comforty environment to both educators and students. PS. Good refreshment and get-together-drink after class, how classy is that."  ~ Jeff

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