Chemistry is one of the early disciplines in Shandong University. In 1912, Shandong University established the subject of Applied Chemistry. In 1926,the Department of Applied Chemistry was established, in 1930 the Department of Chemistry was established, and the School of Chemistry was established in 1986.When it comes 1998, the School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences was established, and finally in2001the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was established.

At present, the school has two first-level disciplines: chemistry chemical engineering and technology. Among them, chemistry is the first discipline ranked in the top 1 of ESI. In 2013, it was recognized as the "TaiShan Scholar" characteristic dominant discipline in Shandong Province and the first batch of key construction characteristic discipline in Shandong University. In 2017, it became one of the first“Double First-Class” construction disciplines announced by the Ministry of Education.

The school has established a complete talent training system of bachelor, master, doctor and postdoctoral, with three undergraduate majors, namely chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical engineering and technology. Under the chemistry major there are chemistry class, and two characteristic classes: Mount Tai School chemistry orientation class and Deng Conghao Chemistry Base class. The postgraduate education covers two major disciplines, namely science and engineering. It has obtained the authorization of doctoral degree in chemistry , six second-level doctoral degree authorization point, ten master's degree authorization Point in science disciplines, one professional master degree authorization point, and one post-doctoral research station. At present, there are more than 700 full-time undergraduates, more than 400 postgraduate students, nearly 200 doctoral students, and more than 40 postdoctoral students in school.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff. Focus on development goals, our school adheres to the principle of introducing and cultivating talents simultaneously, defines the strategy of talents, and achieves remarkable results in the construction of talents project. Now we have three Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, two winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, four winners of "National Excellent Youth Fund”, four high-level young talents, two national candidates of the "Millions of Talents Project”, seven winners of Trans-Century and New Century Excellent Talents. Three winners of “100 talents program of the Chinese academy of sciences”. seven talents of” Climbing plan of Mount Tai Scholars, Leading Talents and Distinguished Professor. twenty "Qilu Scholar” Distinguished Professors. one Yangtze Rive Scholar Innovation Team of Ministry of Education and one famous teacher of Shandong Province.

The teaching and research platforms of the school include the National Engineering Research Center for Colloidal Materials , the National Key disciplines of physical chemistry, National Science Research and teaching talent training base(chemistry), Key Laboratory for Colloid and Interface Chemistry of Ministry of Education, key laboratory of special functional aggregate materials of Ministry of Education, national quality curriculum called inorganic and analytical chemistry experiment, innovation team of Development Program for Yangtze river Scholars and innovative research team, Shandong key laboratory of polymer materials, Shandong key laboratory of theoretical and computational chemistry. In addition, we also have inorganic chemistry, a key discipline of Shandong Province and Shandong experimental teaching demonstration center of chemistry.

The school attaches great importance to the improvement of scientific and technological innovation ability, and its scientific research strength is constantly enhanced. It has made remarkable achievements in scientific research. The school has published 998 SCI papers in recent three years. The research progress in related fields has attracted the attention of international peers. It has been invited by the American Chemical Society "Chemical Reviews", " Accounts of Chemical Research " and the Royal Society of Chemistry" Chemical Society Reviews " to write review papers. Eighteen papers have been published in “Nature Nanotechnology”,” Journal of the American Chemical Society”,” Nano Letters” and Advanced Materials. One of the papers was selected as one of the highly cited papers by ESI Database. At present, there are six research subjects of 973 and one research subject of 863, two National Science and Technology Support Program, three key projects of NSFC .Funding of various vertical projects was more than 100 million Yuan.

Long school running history, Good teaching conditions have accumulated a good tradition and successful experience of running the school, Good teaching and learning styles are handed down from generation to generation. Since the establishment of the discipline, it has cultivated a large number of well-known scholars, experts and entrepreneurs. Academicians like zhu Zhaoliang, Wang Wenxing, Ji Liangnian, Jiang Minhua, Wu Zuze, Qian Yitai, Xue Qunji, Jiang Guibin and so on are outstanding representatives among them.after the Cultural Revolution, 32 young talents were funded by the National Outstanding Youth Fund or awarded the title of special Professors of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education.

The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "reserve talents for the world and make the country prosperous and powerful”. We will raise the level of basic and applied research and raise the level of education and the quality of personnel training by cultivating and gathering outstanding talents. To make the school become "an important base for original basic research, a platform for undertaking research on major national needs, and an important base for China's chemistry and chemical industry education and talent training".

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